Dr. Anuradha Jindal

Dr. Anuradha Jindal, an aesthetic dermatologist and co-founder of The SKin-Win Clinic, is dedicated to offering top-notch and accessible skin care solutions. With a specialization in dermatosurgery, she obtained her MD in Dermatology from KMC, Manipal. Dr. Jindal further honed her expertise in aesthetic dermatology through a fellowship at the renowned Venkat Institute of Skin and Plastic Surgery in Bangalore.

Her primary goal is to ensure that patients receive the highest quality of healthcare at reasonable prices. Driven by her commitment to integrity and compassion, she strives to create a welcoming and empathetic environment for every individual seeking care at her clinic.


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Dr. Anuradha Jindal for your dermatological needs because she is an experienced aesthetic dermatologist and co-founder of The SKin-Win Clinic. With specialized training in dermatosurgery and a fellowship in aesthetic dermatology, she is equipped to provide excellent and affordable skin care solutions. Dr. Jindal’s commitment to honesty, affordability, and compassionate care ensures that you will receive top-notch healthcare in a welcoming environment.

Expertise in Aesthetic Dermatology

Dr. Anuradha Jindal possesses extensive training and experience in aesthetic dermatology, making her an ideal choice for individuals seeking cosmetic skin treatments.

Dermatosurgery Specialization

With a focus on dermatosurgery, Dr. Jindal is skilled in performing surgical procedures related to the skin. This expertise enables her to offer comprehensive care for a wide range of dermatological concerns.

Commitment to Affordable Care

Dr. Jindal is dedicated to providing affordable skin care solutions, ensuring that patients can access high-quality treatments without financial burden.

Patient-Centric Approach

Dr. Jindal places a strong emphasis on patient satisfaction and aims to provide honest, compassionate, and personable care. Her focus is on creating a comfortable and supportive environment for her patients.

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